My first time as a mermaid

08.02.2018 11:11


On Tuesday, February 6th, my professional instructor, my headmistress and I went to the pool Opfikon. There I drip the first time in a mermaid costume.

I chose the Ocean Deep costume because I really like the color. My head pin grabbed the Aurora Borealis. First, I had to practice using the fin, because it's not as simple as it looks.

After that, I was watching my trainer how she does it. With her, of course, it looked perfect. After watching my vocational teacher called me and we had to shoot the first few photos. In my opinion, I have succeeded this well. Later, my upper pen was added, with whom I also had to shoot different photos. Finally, I put on the costume to take the last photos.

Finally, I found out that it was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to slip back into a mermaid costume soon.

If you also want to be a real mermaid or a merman then please contact us!

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