My first week at MJSS Switzerland

02.02.2018 16:23

My first week at MJSS Switzerland

Hello, my name is Leonarda Spasojevic and I will be doing an internship at MJSS until the summer 2018. After the internship, I will start my apprenticeship as a "KV-Lehre Handel".
I have been at MJSS for just over a week now and I like it very much. The team is very friendly and everyone understands each other. The third year apprentice has already trained me well for the beginning of my internship. I was already able to do some office work, serve customers and keep the shop clean. In the near future I will also be able to visit the pools with my professional instructor.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks and months and hope for a good climate and good cooperation.

Flippered greetings
Leonarda Spasojevic

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