MerLympics at Badeland Wolfsburg 21.Sep. 2019

26.07.2019 14:52


The Wolfsburg mermaids are preparing for a special competition: On 21 September, the mermaids swimming school will hold the MerLympics for the first time in Wolfsburg.

The team around the Mermaids Wolfsburg and trainer Andrea Schneider have put together an interesting program. The mermaids and mermaids compete against each other in six disciplines. The first is a relay swimming, which also requires skill: The goal is to free a turtle from a net under water. Then there's speed swimming, synchronized swimming and lifeguarding - always with a fin, of course. In the performance competition, the participants are also judged according to swimming styles and tricks. In underwater posing, the children can then compete when it comes to producing the most beautiful or funniest picture at the mermaid shooting.

The event is really international: Not only are Mermaid schools from all over Europe invited - the jury also consists of experienced Mermaids and divers from Germany, Slovenia and Great Britain. And Miss Mermaid Germany 2017/18 will be a special guest. There will be opportunities for interested spectators to join in: In the lunch break they can also turn the wheel of fortune, make fin hair loops and be dressed like a mermaid at the Mermaid Wolfsburg sales stand. Anyone who dares can even put on a fin for the hands-on challenge and test how the sport works in the non-swimmer's pool.

Anyone who has ever taken a mermaid swimming course can register for the MerLympics. For accompanying parents there will be special admission prices, all other spectators pay the normal Badeland tariff. Registrations are possible between 1 June and 31 August.

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