Mermaid Bikinis from Suntail

28.05.2017 19:40

After a long wait, they are ready in June 2017, finally. We expect the Suntail bikinis to arrive in Europe. In May for this reason a Mermaid photo shooting took place near Stuttgart. Katharina Hegemann, organizer and owner of the Meerjungfrauen Club Germany, Ben Engel with Mia, Cristina Würgler and Dijana Eskic from MJSS Switzerland, as well as 6 girls and 2 boys. Of course, we must not forget the photographer, Martin Wahler. He was responsible for the numerous recordings and also some snapshots.

You can find the results on the website. The product presentation of the mermaid fins and merman tails is so important. We find it easier to choose between the numerous designs if you can see the products really well. Of course the participants and the organizers had a lot of fun at the shooting. Last but not least, all participants were able to choose a mermaid set consisting of a Suntail KEIKI or NUNUI monofin and a matching tail. We wish you lots of fun with your products and look forward to the next shooting.

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